All-Star Disciplining Athletes For Personal Screwups

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Mar 2, 2014
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^^^I am Black. I know exactly why it is offensive. If it occurred in a program I worked with, I know exactly how I'd handle it. But it's not in my control.

So I can't waste my energy dragging strangers online about it, nor do I see the value in other people doing so. I am far more concerned about our elected officials and their viewpoints toward POCs, inequity in schools, etc. Things that impact my daily life and that of my family.


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Feb 4, 2010
Gyms absolutely have the power to discipline an athlete as they see fit, but in the internet age of course people are going to make their feelings known about it.

In many places in the US a pretty white girl throwing the N-word is considered no big deal, bless her heart. She doesn’t understand why anybody is offended because obvs it was a joke haha, it was in a song haha, I was with a black person when I did it and they didn’t care haha. Parents don’t think it’s a big deal, teammates don’t think it’s a big deal, gym owners don’t think it’s a big deal.

When you have kids/teens doing it and posting it on social media for everyone outside their redneck microcosm to view and have an opinion on, things are different. They absolutely should be taken to task for it by the outside world - that’s the only way they will learn that not everyone thinks the same way the people around them do. If the gym gets slammed for doing nothing then they also deserve it. But like I said, it’s completely up to them. And it’s completely up to the rest of us to shame them for it.
I'm fine with anyone using that word being dragged for that - by people with real names who need to be accountable for their own actions if they are going to go after others.
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