OT Do we want to do secret elves again this year??

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Mar 30, 2010
I don't mind organizing it again. Just let me know yes or no.

We can do this time line....

Sign up through Dec 1
Dec 1 draw names
Jan 1, 2011 must have gift to your person

I can set up elfster.
You will be sending cheer or non cheer items under $10 (depends on what is on your wish list) If YOU wish to spend more that's entirely up to you.

Will not be responsible for scrooges or non sent gifts. You do this at your own risk. And WILL BE giving out your address to the person that receives you. May have to send international (that was a surprise last year to some)

Happy Holidays (soon)
hey i was the one that started the other thread, i was going to do it different, but then you posted this so would you explain the elfster thing please because ive never used it :)
With a group this size elfster is great. We've used if for three or four years now. Its all set up for people to sign up by clicking the link above. (there no way you would be able to keep track of everyone by hand) Elfster keeps a database of who got who automatically!!!! Its great.

All people have to do is register at elfster.com by clicking the link above, fill out their profile, and a wish list. On Dec. 1 I hit the "draw" button and it will automatically e mail you who you have gotten and from there you can ask anonymous question to your person or send them little notes for the month of secret santa. They will have to ask their person for their address if it not on their profile and then they just send the gift to their person on their own by Jan 1. Its simple and easy to use.

So anyone who want to participate has until Dec 1. to sign up. Once you sign up and I hit draw Dec. 1 I cant delete you from the exchange.

So..if there is anything else you;'d like to know let me know. But elfster.com is the best way to go for large group online exchanges :)
ohh yeh thats sounds way easier! like i said id never heard of it before, but it sounds really good :)
so do we register now?

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