Does anyone have any tips to get your full?

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Ok go to my youtube page, I had to start a new one cause I lost all my pass word info.... thechaseclark on youtube has a few drills for fulls. make sure you can do a 1/2 with your arms by ur head, then when that is easy, drop your arms down by your hip (the direction you want to go) and you should be golden! Make sure you hit hollow but dont forget to set with your arms, chest and hips, if you point your toes they will follow. No need for toe drive if done correctly but cheerleaders have a problem with this because of LACK OF CONDITIONING! PM me a vid and I will help!
just look the way your twisting. it works all the time. i used to look one way and throw my hands the opposite way and kept landing halves. i finally got the one piece of magical advice and now im working on mastering my full
My daughter was doing the same! Your head has to follow the way you are twisting. She is now working on her double!
When I learned to twist (as a gymnast) everyone told me "look over your shoulder and drop your shoulder, you'll twist"....well, I wouldn't. It finally happened when I focused on looking over my shoulder and turning my hips. I had to do both.
yeah for the longest time i was twisting and looking opposite ways but i finally fixed that and cant get past half...i cant figure out hwo to connect the half and full...please help

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