All-Star Does Your Gym Give A Spring Break?

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Dec 14, 2009
Does your gym give a spring break?

Are your World's Teams included in the break?
Yes, we get a spring break. Kind of silly, because not everyone in Chicagoland is on spring break at the same time. Our gym break is this week, but our school break isn't until mid April.

We don't have a Worlds team. :( They tried though.
I've been to a few gyms and most of them have spring, summer, fall, and holiday breaks. And 90% of the time everyone has off. Although i was at one gym that had a break and during the weekend of the break the worlds teams came in (but had that week off)

I think giving the kids 2 practices off won't make or break your worlds performance. Give them Monday and Wed off... but that following sunday, 4 hour practice.

Everyone is happy after a break, whether it be athletes or employees.
I think giving the kids 2 practices off won't make or break your worlds performance.

I disagree. We have our kids the week off after we got our paid bid (I was rough on them the two weeks before the event, so I felt they earned a break fro my constant criteques) and when they came back - they were SOOOO out of shape from that week off.
Our gym has spring break and the worlds team has 1 practice instead of 2. The gym holds 2-3 open gyms during the week and they are packed!
Our gym closes all team practices for Spring Break. I believe there is still tumbling classes, however no team tumbling. I know that the teams still attending US Finals and Worlds are encouraged to tumble over the break though. A lot of them look forward to tumbling at the gyms close to them in Florida.
Yes, ACE of Birmingham's spring break was last week. All Alabama colleges and public high schools have the same spring break though I'm pretty sure. Didn't seem to effect our kids.... They all look just as good, if not better, this week than they did before the break.
We get a week or two for summer and a week for the winter holidays. We also get the weekend of NCA off since our worlds teams don't go.
We don't have any actual breaks during the season! In a way, I love this because I can always practice better and harder, but sometimes I hate it because it's hard to go on vacation. All-in-all, I prefer the way my gym runs it.
Our spring break is always in March and yes we get a break and this applies to all teams. Privates might still be held and I believe tumbling classes as well.
We do not have spring break for any teams.... yes people go out of town and a lot of people are missing but there is nothing wrong with continuing practices and building tumbling skills before tryouts.

Worlds team has been missing quite a few each practice but people that are there are accomplishing new skills and conditioning our bodies :)
No breaks for us, a lot of the time we actually end up adding in extra practices if everyone is out of school because we can practice earlier in the day. My team is so close that if we had a break we'd probably get together anyways from missing each other too much! haha :)
Nope, no Spring Break for us. But, we just had a competition in Myrtle Beach, so for many that was our "Spring Break".