Fake Hair For Competitions, Fierce Or Tacky

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Fake Hair for Competitions, Fierce or Tacky

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Aug 24, 2011
Personally, I think that fake hair falls out to easily when you stunt, tumble, etc & all together does not look as good on the mat. definetley tacky. what do you think?
I think cheerleading has moved waaaaaaayyy past the days of curly wiglets or barbie flips. The only circumstance I think it's ok in is on people who have really short ponytails. PS: The secret to keeping them in is to sew them into the real hair
Tacky and unnecessary... and how are you supposed to do a proper fierce hair flip without it flying off?? ;)

Although, in all honesty, when they do fall off and are laying on the mat, it kind of looks like some sort of small animal has just curled up and died... stick to high ponytails with a pouf or half up curled, please!

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