Favorite Jersey Teams?

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Definately SJS, of course cause that's where my girls cheer, but I would also have to say WC and Comets...oh and CJA cause I love their fans!
South Jersey Storm blew me away at BATC, all of their teams OMG!! Loving CJA ..of course WC, havent seen them all season though :(
On behalf of the coaches for SJS, thanks for the compliment. Yes definately a proud moment for the SJS organization. 10 out of 16 (i think) teams they brought to BATC won 1st places that weekend with 1 of them being Avalanche who got a Full Paid Bid to Worlds. We were loud and very proud that weekend and it definately showed in all of our teams performances. Some very emotional proud parents there I have to say. :)
wc-they always look so good on the floor
cja- i love how strict they are, and after the show last night just made me love them even more
hamilton- they have good rutines:) i have a few friends from that team on the sr4 teamm and i love watching that gym
justcheer-they caught my eye last year at worlds, and have just impressed me since
star athletics- i really love ALL their teams this year
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