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Mar 23, 2010
What are your favorite stores FBers? :)

I'm looking for some new, cute stores to shop at for summer clothes and am wondering where you all liked to shop!

I'll start off, I suppose...I'm pretty loyal to Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom. Their BP department is awesome! Also obviously love their shoe and jewelry departments.
For online shopping check out ASOS.COM

they have a great selection of women's AND men's clothing
plus you won't have to worry about having the same dress as another girl (which always happens when you shop at forever 21) because they aren't well known :D
Charlotte Russe

I also shop at Hot Topic because at school outside of cheer I'm a stereotypical scene kid :p
Lulus.com <-- online only but everything is adorable
Urban Outfitters
BB Dakota <--this is a brand, but you can find it in plenty of stores. If you like the BP section, you'll like BB Dakota.
H&M<-- I go here for cheap basics (layering tanks, plain dresses, etc) that I then mix in with everything else I own
Oh my goodness I love all of those stored especially Nordies and their BP section.
bluefly.com- if you want designer
Thats all I can think of right now haha.
Sorry guys, I love this thread and I keep remembering places.

Etsy.com for cool jewelry and accessories.
Ebay for cheap designer goods. I got a pair of brand new Hardtails for $20.
Against All Odds <-- Okay, don't laugh. It's a really "urban" store, but they have the best jeans for girls sizes 00 and 0 for super cheap.
Victoria's Secret
Forever 21
Urban Outfitters
Body Central (never heard of it till I went to school)
Pac Sun-especially for cute summer clothes and bathing suits!
Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack
@retiredl5cheer thanks for the jean advice, I have the hardest time finding cute jeans that actually fit right! Forever 21 is probably the best so far, but I am definitely going to try Against All Odds!

This thread makes me want to do some serious shopping! :p
Victoria's Secret
Forever 21 - I love it because I can spend $8 on a dress and not feel bad if I wear it once or it gets ruined
Hollister & Abercrombie for jeans, jeggings, shorts & their solid color flip flops
Target has the best leggings & absolutely fabulous prices on bathing suits. Hands down.
I'm a tiny adult...not quite a 0 so I have a hard time finding clothes esp pants...but I shop at the following places with the expectations of needing alternations:

Ann Taylor Loft
Banana Republic
New York and Company (tops only)
Express (tops only)
Random dept stores
Francesa's Closet

Summer/Dresses/Clothes I only plan to wear once:
Charlotte Russe (rarely, very very very rarely)

Any place...that sells Joe's or Lucky's because those are the brands that fit me the best.