Favorite Voiceovers?

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Dec 2, 2011
What are your favorite voiceovers?​
Here are mine ;​
Bring back the girls.
Blah blah blah, talk your smack, oh la la the girls are back.
Shout it loud, teal and black, we want it back.
Never scared, just prepared.
Cali just does it way bigger.
"everybody wanna go to disney disney everybody wanna see mickey mickey everybody wanna win worlds worlds welcome to our house, you just visit but we live it you amazed that we done did it"
Cheer Corp Generals:​
The category doesn't matter.
We could care the least.
Put this on your score sheet.
We call it BEAST!
I also love "Bring Back The Girls"

"First Place For Us, Second For You"
"The Ladies You Adore Is Back For One More"
"A team you came to see and you wish that you could be. But you will never be."
"On our way to the top getting higher you'll see. All around the world you'll hear W-C"
"Panther's got that globe but we've only just begun, Its the reigning champions, there can be only one!"

" I'm living in the future with a wildcat past, The trophy is my present so your last! "
you can say we didn't earn , you can say we didn't deserve it, correction honey cause you just got it TWISTED.
and almost all from f5 music this year.

Its south jersey all day, storm all night, clearly you are obssesed

Tsunami on stage everybody pipe down we will crown even if it takes 4 more rounds