Favorite Way To Wear Your Hair At Competition?

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Apr 18, 2011
There's so many styles I just want to see a team innovate something different but still classy. I think half up half down curled or stick straight ponytail is the most classy hair style but can anyone think of something different that still portrays a classy confident look?
Straight, high pony with a poof. That's the only way I would ever make a team wear their hair if I ever coached.
My team makes a french braid (or a regular braid) and a high pony! sometimes they add a poof after the braid too! My hair never gets messed up during warm ups:)
for a competition, i usually either wear my hair
1) all up, curled, with poof
2) half up/half down, curled, with poof

but, the half up/half down is kinda hard to handle, because when i'm on stage jumping around, my hair usually gets stuck to my lipgloss, and then it says there 'cause i have to keep touching my face instead of doing what i need to be doing.
favorite look is half up and curled. it is super hard to get all athletes with curls that look the same.
we've done a super straight high pony with a poof for the past couple seasons...it's easier to get the kids to look more uniform.