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Dec 15, 2009
Lots of good questions on the first couple of threads. I figured it would be good to have one dedicated to just terms. "Old school" members can just post ones they are used to.

Here are a few to get started:

CP - cheer princess OR cheer person ("my CP" = "my child")
PM - Private Message
ETA - edited to add
PITA - pain in the $#%$

Some gym abbreviations:
CEA - Cheer Extreme Allstars, NC
SE - Senior Elite, Large Senior All Girl level 5 team from CEA
WC - World Cup Allstars, NJ
WCSS - World Cup Shooting Stars, Large Senior All Girl level 5 team from WC
CA - Cheer Athletics, TX
Cali - California Allstars, you know the state
Rays - Stingray Allstars, GA
GA - Georgia Allstars, GA

There are a ton more gym initials, but these are some of the ones talked about a lot. Feel free to add to the list or ask. . .
Basic abbreviations:
BTW- By the way
IMO- In my opinion

Programs/Team Abbrevs.
TG- Top Gun Allstars, Florida
KE- Kentucky Elite, Kentucky
TS/T&S- Twist & Shout, Oklahoma
Twisters/MT- Maryland Twisters
----F5- Maryland Twisters Large Senior 5
----Cells-Supercells Maryland Twisters Junior 5
GT- Gymtyme, Kentucky
SJS- South Jersey Storm, New Jersey
CJA- Central Jersey Allstars, New Jersey
PT- Prime Tyme, Tennessee
BAS- Brandon Allstars, Florida
----BSB- Brandon Sr. Black- Small Limited Coed 5
----BSW- Brandon Sr. White- Semi Limited Coed 5
RS- Rock Solid Allstars, Florida
PSS- Pittsburgh Superstars, Pennsylvania
OA- Orlando Allstars, Florida

I'll edit as I think of more these were just off the top of my head.
WCO- World Cup Odyssey
WE- Woodlands Elite, Texas
FCA- FCA, Pennsylvania
CF- Cheerforce, California
PCM- Pacific Coast Magic, California
SYTYCD - So you think you can dance

comes in more handy thank you would think
SOT-spirit of texas, texas
UC-university cheer, texas
----jrafo-junior air force one, Jr. COED Level 5(as of last year)
----afo-air force one, Senior COED Semi Limited Level 5(as of last year)
janky- adj.- used to describe a messed up or sloppy aspect of a routine
fe: That two to full looked janky, she only got 3/4 of the way around!

YE- Youth Elite- Large Youth Level 5 team out of Cheer Extreme
AE- American Elite- Gym out of the Ohio Area
GBE- Green Bay Elite- Gym out of Green Bay, Wisconson
Lime- Junior Team out of Green Bay Elite
Cheer Extreme teams:

YE- Youth Elite (aka butterflies!) large youth 5
JE- Junior Elite large junior 5
JCE- Junior Coed Elite large junior coed 5
SE- Senior Elite large senior 5
SCE- Senior Coed Elite large unlimited coed 5

In general-
IAG- international all girl
IOC- international open cord

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IOC was supposed to say international open coed..not cord. haha whooops stupid spell check on my ipod.