Flyer Strength/flexibility Classes?

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Feb 24, 2010
I'm trying to formulate a Strength/Flex routine for my flyers this year for each practice, as last season we had 3 with good flexibility(could be better though) and 2 with IMO ugly flexibility ( "scorps", low heel stretches). As coaches, we told the girls to stretch every day, etc. etc. but as the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink", and by the time I came in mid season, they were already working the routine. So basically since its mostly the same girls coming back this year ,I'm making flyers stay late after practice and stretch.

I have some activities already written down from my past experience and the fortheloveoftumbling website such as:

Front Flex
-Splits with the feet on a mat to elevate and extend the legs
- Heel stretch where flyer is down on both knees, base stands behind and pulls the stretch in front
- Front leg lifts (flyer puts heel stretch on shoulder of girl in front of her, has to slowly lift leg off her shoulder and back down)
-Resistance lifts (flyer tries to lift leg above 90 degree angle, but other girl pushes down to try and resist)

Back Flex
-Backbends (legs/feet together and straight)
-Shoulder/back stretch (flyer lays on stomach, other girl gently pulls arms back to arch flyer's back)
-Seal stretch (lay on stomach, arms straight and holding body up, attempt to bring feet to head)
-Back leg lifts(similar to front leg lifts but in arabesque)
-Assisted stretch (flyer pulls scorp, other girl "hugs" the flyer together to help the flyer stretch the scorp closer and up)
-Wall stretch (one foot on the floor, other kicked up as if trying to do the splits on the wall, then assistant helps flyer bring chest up as far as she can)
-Elbow stand stretch (flyer does handstand on her elbows somewhat close to a wall, walks feet down wall and holds)

Plus ab and core conditioning......
What else do you do during strength/flex classes at your gym? Conditioning? Other stretches? If you don't attend a strength/flex class, what else do you do to stretch?
I stretch all the time, especially flyer stretch even though I'm not a flyer. First, I would do a fake routine to like CEA's music and stuff to warm up. Then I first stretch for my flyer skills. Like I said, I don't fly but I still practice them. I do this in order:
1. I sit in a wide straddle and I go over my left, to my right, and then to the middle. I hold each side for 15-20 seconds
2. Then I go to a pike stretch and I try and get my chest to my knees, toes pointed, and my hands around my ankles.
3. Then I unpoint my toes and I bring my ankles up off the ground, but I'm still in my pike stretch. I just grab my toes and pull them up.
4. Then I go to a butterfly and push my knees to the ground as far as I can..I hold for 10 sec.
5. Then I bring out my butterfly a little bit more and have my "nose to my toes" and hold for 10 seconds.
6. Then I do my left lunge then my split
7. Then I do my right lunge then to my split (I hold each split for 30 seconds)
8. Then I do a middle split and hold for 30 seconds
9. After that, I do a bridge and hold for 10 seconds
10. Then I come down and get ready for another bridge (The second bridge I do will have one leg up in the air, then two legs on the ground, then the other leg up in the air..I hold for 5 seconds each leg)
11. Then I stretch out my neck (neck rolls) my wrists, and my ankles.:)

I condition doing the Wii, or any stretch training with my own body weight.