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Jan 10, 2011
What do you all think of putting young girls on senior teams as flyers? Do you think there is a height limit even if the child is very flexible?:rolleyes:
I don't know about the height limit, but when I think about younger girls with senior team stunt groups I think of an unfair advantage. A flyer is only as good as her stunt group. If you look at all these younger girls doing crazy stunts on youtube, do you see them being based by groups their own age?
i personally am not a fan of "fetus flyers" its unfair to the older girls who work hard for that spot just for a littl girl to come along and take even if they are flexible and maybe easier to lift

I'm not a little girl by any means lol, but I am a tiny flyer (short and easy to lift) and I'm always picked first for any flying position. That being said, I always tell my coaches when I know I'm not up for the job. It's sad that flyers are sometimes picked by size and not skill and in this case age.
If the girl deserves to be on that team then I don't think she should be counted out because she is younger. She still deserves it because of her tumbling, jumps, dance, and technique most likely. If a smaller gym doesn't have a junior level 4 team, but there is a younger girl who is tumbling and stunting level four then she shouldn't be on it? Also, smaller flyers usually get the smaller bases. And then would it be an "unfair advantage" to have tall back bases if it is an "unfair advantage" to have small flyers ?
I'm not denying that young flyers are typically easier, but that's not always the case. Little girls often have no body control and bend their legs, have no form... etc. I would rather have a flyer that is my size and is tight than a little girl who is a noodle up there any day!
also a thing to remember is some girls are senior aged but young and small. a flyer who was on my team looked WAY younger than she was. she literally looked 8 and she was 17.

OK, with that all said, I do believe that tall flyers look better in the air.
My daughter is with the san diego gym. She was on Lg j2 and senior 2. Infinity is my favorite team of all cf gyms. Maybe one day we will meet. Best of luck at worlds I will be keeping my fingers crossed.
I probably know your daughter, well have seen her lol Ive seen a couple of the j2 performances, i think we even cheered each other on during full outs. I wont be competing because Im hurt but thank you anyway, Nfinity appreciates all of the positive thoughts!
We have a girl that is super tiny like 4 feet tall but she is 18 she is on our IOC5 team. people question us all the time as to how old she is and that its not fair that we have a such a tiny flyer. but we dont put her on the best group. she usually ends up on the weakest group or not the best at basing goup. I do hate when the littlest flyer is on like the best group just to do a cool amazing stunt and a bigger flyer is struggling with thier group sometimes.