All-Star Flying Problem.

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Nov 3, 2010
I haven't flown in awhile so I've started stretching again because I'll actually be one of the main flyers this year. It's been going well, but I can't do an aerobesque. I mean, I can, but it hurts my back a ton. I'm thinking I should wait and stretch my back out more before I try it again. Also, I can't pull a scorpion to save my life, how do you grab your foot to pull it up? I asked my friend and the way she does it is way complicated haha.
2 stretches that will (hopefully) help:
1- sit in a split (right leg forward) and reach back like your pulling a scorp/arabesque
2-Do a split against a door/wall and walk your hands up
you really need to be stretching your back alot to get the scorpian and areobesque. you can lift your leg (that you wont be standing on in the stunt, left leg probably) vertically up a wall and with your back facing the wall with either a person or a chair directly infront of you to try and push your head to your foot...but pace yourself dont pull anything! you can also do your splits with your front leg inclined on a mat or books to stretch your hamstrings and get your flexibility back slowly and safely! those drills are what i used to do when i was a flyer and it really hepled! :)
i can pull it. i'm not new at flying and it isn't ugly and low, it just hurts my back to do it correctly. i ride horses and i took a bad fall so i was out for the season until now. obviously i need to get my flexibility back up.

and yes, if you can't do an arabesque then you shouldn't be a main flyer.
but thanks everybody. i'm going to try all of those, and also get a massage. my mom said that if it feels like it's tight or pinching then it might help since it's only on one side
a chiropractor might be better than a masseuse/masseur since you hurt it from a fall
I'd be really careful getting back into flying. Back injuries can be a *beep* to come back from
after my back injury, I was in the chiropractor 3 days a week for a couple months, and then slowly weened off until I was feeling less pain. Now I only go when I'm feeling pain. I was caught funny in a kick double where the base caught me with her knee instead of her hands, and instead of breaking my rib, it shifted the vertebrae so that the rib was up on one side and down on the other and the vertebrae was twisted. Just keep stretching. I was almost back to a spike. I'm not cheering anymore though.

have someone stretch you like this, it kills, but it helps soo much:
Horse falls can hurt to come back from! I'd have a Dr and/or chiropractor check it out, to make sure it that it isn't just a flexibility issue. Your back is too important to risk.
If you aren't naturally flexible, but stretch a ton & work extra hard can you still get a spike / needle or do you need to be naturally flexible for these extreme positions?
You just need to start conditioning your body again. It's going to take some time to get that flexibility back so just stretch, stretch and stretch and maybe also do some exercises for your back. Good luck, you can do it!!