High School Fundraising Ideas?!

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Apr 25, 2011
So the cheerleaders in my school aren't that involved in our school and nobody takes us seriously so i came up with the idea to make a fund that gives money to different types of cancer this year we are doing brain cancer leukimia next and so on.. Do you guys have any ideas to help us fundraise for this cause to not only bring the team closer together but also do something good for the community. Ideas to help us have school spirit would help too that includes spirit weeks and all... Thanks!
In the past we've made up cheers about the cancer that we were supporting at the time and we would perform them during one of their walks or event and we would get some money from that plus people in the walk would donate money also.
Our high school does a "minis" camp where girls k-5 come over the summer and you teach them a cheer, dance and jumps and stunts, then at the first game they perform at half time.

Also, you could design a shirt (www.customink.com) for each of the girls on your team to wear and it could say something about cancer on it and each team member raises 50-100 dollars and the donaters (usually local buisness) get their name on the back of the tshirt.

Hope this helped! :)
Have a community garage sale. Let the cheerleaders bring in their "old" stuff. Set it up in the gym and invite the community. The cheerleaders would become closer as they spend time setting up and working the sale. They can also ask for used donations from the school kids. Then donate whatever is leftover to a shelter or goodwill.
Our biggest fundraisers are:
-the competition that we hold every year
- father daughter dance for kids on the elementary school in our district
This year we are planning some car washes, a few bake sales at school before its out, and then in the summer we are doing a minis camp as well! But i looove the garage sale and hosting a competition ideas!