College Good colleges for tall flyers?

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Jul 29, 2010
I'm a very tall flyer and I'mgoing to be a Junior in HS this year. I've tried to research colleges that would be accepting to my height but I'm having lots of trouble. I open to it being anywhere in our great country:) I want it to be a good college as well! I would like it to have a good cheerleading program as well as the cheerleading program be very competitive! Thank you so much in advance:)
How tall are you? And what are the height requirements for flyers usually?
Check out my school, Seton Hall University in Northern NJ.

We gained a new coach at the beginning of last year and he is incredible. He cheered at University of Delaware and has a fun but strict style of coaching. With our new coach, our team is growing and improving quickly. We are attending UCA nationals for the first time this year and hope that we will be able to do more recruiting and hand picking athletes once our name is known. Our squad cheers for our Division I Big East basketball teams, makes PR appearances and attends events.

As for tall flyers, we currently have 3 flyers that are about 5'5" (tall for a flyer). Skills and body control are more important to us than size because our all girl bases are JACKED (with the exception of me, haha). And I don't know what your tumbling is like, but our requirement right now to make mat for competition is a standing tuck.

If you're interested and want mroe information, PM me.
I'm 5ft 6 and 102 pounds. Most flyers tend to be on the under 5ft 2 side.
I'm super flexible too but it's hard because most flyers in college are super teeny!
I have a round off backhandspring tuck on hard wood and I'm working my standing tuck and standing backhand spring tuck on hardwood. I have them on spring but I'm trying to transiton it now ot dead mat. I have been working on my full on spring and I have a two to a layout on spring. I'm trying to work on getting more tumbling on dead mat ut I seem to get freaked out when I try more than a tuck. Any tips?
Look into all girl squads, I feel like flyers on all girl teams tend to be able to pull off being taller and bigger then flyers on coed teams. I am sure that if you go to tryouts and show them what you have. If you have what they want there is a good chance they will put you on the team.
Thats's what I had been thinking because it's harder to toss taller girls. I don't really have problems with partner stunting basics. Like toss libs, walk in libs, cupies, and toss extensions. But I haven't tried much more than that. Thanks!:)
Valdosta State University has top girls that are 5'8 and 5'9..Look us up! I love my school and its a great place. Our cheer teams are very competitive and we are back to back national champions:)
at UofL my flyer is around 5'6 or 5'7, and there is another flyer who is 5'7, and a couple more around 5'4-5'5ish. (allgirl/smoed)