High School Good National Comps For Non-mount Teams?

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Mar 10, 2010
We are trying to find a good national championship for a non-mount high school team? I know there are far less non-mount teams as opposed to mounting teams (especially among the high school teams that compete nationally), therefore we are struggling to find a national that would give us alot of competition in our division. We would prefer somethig closer to the east coast ( Myrtle, Atlanta, Orlando). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!:)
I would go to UCA. Cheerleading + Disney is always a fun time. :) And they seem to have a good amount of non-mount teams there for good competition.
If you have the skills, I'd go UCA for high school. They're the big east coast competition for all high school divisions plus its at disney! Also its where you're more likely to actually have teams to compete against in that division.