High School Group Stunt Competition

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Jun 23, 2010
I just joined a new high school this year, and the cheerleading advisor is very adamant that she does not want our team to compete. Ive also experienced lack of motivation from 50% of my teammates.
However, my stunt group is verrryyy dedicated.

I want to convince her to let my stunt group to participate in the intermediate group stunt division. We have the potential to max out the score sheet and my group has the dedication to succeed.

USA is holding a regional competition at a University that literally shares a fence with my high school. (This eliminates transportation costs.) The entry fee is 65 dollars, which is very reasonable and do-able.

Pleeeeassseee help me convince her, I'm seriously desperate.
Show her how dedicated to it yall are and do a "fake competition" with music and everything! Show her how good yall are and also make her brownies or her favorite food and be SUPER nice!!
High school is not like all-star. You can't just pay your fees and go. Schools have rules and all competitions/contests where you are representing your school must be approved by the athletic director and usually a coach or school approved representative must go too.

Support your coach and respect her decision.
Are you guys able to compete as a "club" team. since it isnt the whole team, this may be plausible. I would look into it with high ups than the coach. I am a high school coach myself, and if I had girls that were determined and the had the drive, I would encourage them, not stop them!