All-Star Gym Closing For Heat?

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Dec 28, 2009
I really want some opinions from parents and coaches on this. We do not have air conditioning in our gym, but do have many fans. Even with the fans, it is HOT in the gym. The heat index is over 100 where we are at, and we already cancelled one team practice when it got to 109. Tomorrow, the other two teams will probably cancel due to it getting up to 112. Obviously, we are doing this for a safety of the children, and nothing is getting done anyways when you need 20+ water breaks and can barely move.
I feel like parents understand, but it's also hard to cancel a practice they are paying for. Would we be better off having no stunt/tumble practices (motions, formations, etc)? Practices will be made up, but obviously we can't do this anytime soon while the weather is so hot. Youth leagues/pop warner teams also rent from us, and have been forced to cancel practices due to heat. This is at their discretion, but should they be allowed to make up? How do you get the word out for classes, where you might not have an email address for the customer?
I'm really just interested to see if this is happening at other gyms, and it is being handled. Thanks!
My son plays an outdoor sport. Thunder/lightning will cancel a practice or game, we don't get refunded for that-it's out of the control of the coaches and it's done for the safety of the kids, just like closing the gym due to excessive heat.
UA was closed last night because of how hott it was. They sent out an email to everyone in their email list telling them that the gym is closed, and hopefully no one in their right mind would have gone to the gym when it was that hott hahah
I think when there's a heat advisory spanning multiple days.. it's time to close the gym that has no air conditioning. Right now in IL we have a heat advisory that began today at 7am until Friday at 4am. I think that it would be appropriate to close a gym because of that. I don't think they should be "refunded" for the missed practice- maybe reschedule when it's convenient for everyone, but honestly.. it's not the gym's fault it's dangerously warm out.
Yeah, even though there are missed practices for all of the Many Heat advisories out there, the practices-extra ones that get added really make up for the ones you have missed... I would think safety would come first, or maybe just plan some water activities at the gym: slip and slide water baloons, etc... I would hope that parents wouldn't complain.. Even if you have AC, this excessive heat may need to work harder, and still could shut down... Be safe and stay home or go to the pool!!!! Cheers!
The heat is nuts. We have been cancelling summer soccer in our town, which almost never happens.
As far as our gym goes, the general rule has been to shorten practices and to have more frequent water and rest breaks.

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If you're worried about the fact that you're paying for it, think about all the additional practices towards comp season. It all evens out in the end :)
This was just what I was about to say! We aren't having practice tomorrow because of how hott it is, and we also had a week off the 4th of july week because everyone just about was on vacation and we wouldn't really get anything done with so any people out, but my coach said we'll have so many extra practices during competition season it will all even out in tuition, and everything. So you aren't really losing anything if you just make those practices up during comp. season! I think the parents would be very understanding if you did close practice due to the heat, and that you are strictly closing practice because of the athletes safety and not because of a 'personal' reason. Hope I helped! :D
Our gym is closed today for heat. Team practices are not made up because this kind of thing is considered when setting our monthly fees. Extra tumbling classes that are priced separately are allowed to be made up and other teams like school and stuff that practice at our gym are rescheduled. We get notice sent to our cell phones and we also get an email and it gets posted on the teams facebook page.
ICE cancelled all practices. Illinois is dangerously hot right now. Classes are still going though. My friend that takes a class there is still gonna go. She wants her full bad enough she willing to work in 100+ weather. I guess its all at an individual's discretion.
I know my mom doesn't mind when practice is cancelled, I think most parents are just looking out for the safety of their child because any parent that wants their child to practice in this heat is pushing them too hard... I think a few practices off for heat isn't that bad. Like it's been said... you can't do that much when it's so hot out anyway.
we got emails from the owner and the coaches each individually texted their kids yesterday 'cause our gym is closed til friday because of the heat (no practices, open gym, classes, privates nothing).. we have lots of fans but no ac.
we have choreo this sunday so we'll have to be there but besides that most people from the gym posted something about it on facebook. so i think through that other people will know. and since people have to register for the calsses i thin they should all have their emails at the gym, which should cover getting word out.
personally i'd rather be at practice.. i mean if you think about how skills camp is it's just as bad only with tons more people... so i don't really see the problem. but that's just me. drink you're water, it's fine
All all star practices and tumbling classes are going to be at our air conditioned sister gym tonight. I'm so happy.

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