All-Star He New Power Gym!!

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im from Fusion and so excited to be apart of your guys dynasty next year!! were guna take over Cali!! :D
Did you mean for this threads title to be "THE new power gym"?
or were you trying to emphasize your title by using medieval English... "HE NEW POWER GYM!"?
Is this an equal merger or is one taking over the other!? That is so exciting!

Well Power is Def. bigger than our gym! but our gym is now the new location for Power! im not sure the whole little details but i will soon find out! this all happend yesterday! lol
there's still some programs up here that will give you a run for your money, and don't forget it! ;)

haha but, that is exciting for power/fusion, good luck to all involved :)

Thank you! next season should be very exciting!! yea alot of new things are suppose to happen and stuff!!