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Nov 13, 2022

I am struggling to find out where this cardigan is from… I’ve been told it’s from 1969.

Any help would be appreciated,



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It's not the year. That's the Varsity logo for the ACA, but it was established in 1997. The ACA Championships is for All Star and its championship takes place in Fort Worth with mainly TX teams attending. I don't know if historically that has always been the case.

What state did you find it in? Or, online shop state?
What is the brand on the label? Is it more gold or yellow? Is it more purple or blue? From the picture on my computer it looks blue and gold.


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So I tried to just use some context clues and googled schools that use the blue devil mascot, and then which had an F and the colors blue/yellow.

Best "logical" answer I could come up with is Fredonia State in NY. Now I could be completely wrong - this is just what I came up with using my millenial internet researching skills 🤣