High School Help On Remembering Sidelines?

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Jun 1, 2011
We learned like 25 sidelines in 3 days and didn't spend much time on them, and I'm having trouble remembering them on my own when I'm at my house. Once I get to practice and go over it once I can do all of them, but I want to be able to do them on my own too. Any tips on remembering them?
Video? We have all of our chants on a dvd and they have to learn so many by set practices and then we do a quiz. Maybe you can video yourself or one of the older girls doing them so you can practice at home. You could also make a cheat sheet of the ones you have trouble with and either write out a description of what you do or draw little stick people motions to help remember.
for the team i coach, we make up nicknames for the cheers. "windmill" cheer is one that arms are swinging around, "superman" is when the girls kind of look like they're flying, "waffle cheer" is one where one of their arms are bent in a square. if you can relate a nickname to a cheer title, the nickname will trigger your memory. helps my girls a lot.
Try going over them on your own time with a friend so she might remember the things you dont? I also suggest having your captian or someone record them doing all the cheers and putting them on a facebook group or emailing it to you! :)
ask one of your captains to send you an inbox on facebook of some of them or just practice them a lot
Ask your captain or coach if you can take video. I use video. Everyone gets the chant list, a DVD, and all of the videos are in our facebook group. So if they don't know them it's bad news for them!