Help With Toe Touches.

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Jun 4, 2011
Hey guys, my name is Katie. I am 15, going to be 16 in September. I have been a cheerleader for about seven years and I am very pationate about cheerleading, but I need some help.
Alright now I know this may seem pretty dumb coming from a high school cheerleader but my toe touches aren't that great. They use to be better but now I can't seem to land them all that great.
I have been a cheerleader since the third grade and now I am going to be a sophmore. I have never been on a competitive team or anything but just cheering for the township and my school. I use to have great toe touches, and they still are high but they are not good because of my landing. Instead of sticking it, I end up going to far down and basically catching myself with my hands touching the ground at the end. I don't know what happened. I tried working on this last year but I still could not get it. I heard doing hip flexers help with toe touches but will that help with controlling my landing at the end? I am willing to do what ever it takes to fix this. Try outs are coming up in August and I am afraid that if I don't fix this problem before I get to try outs, I may not have a chance at making the team again.
If anyone could give me any helpful tips on this, it would be much appreciate. Thanks so much guys.
I have no idea how to help you but I think if you maybe posted a video of you doing a TT then the people that can help you would be able to see the problem and help.
If you can afford it I would do a private for jumps with a Cheer Coach / All star gym. You might figure it out & fix it in one private.
Start small. Do your toetouch halfway and try to stick that. Make them higher each time. Remember to keep your chest up and try to get your feet together before they touch the ground.
Alright thank you so much everyone. I really appreciate it. I'll take all of your comments to try and help me with my toe touches.
Thanks again.
I agree with ilikebigbows just start with baby jumps keeping your chest up legs straight toes point and snapping your feet together. If I'm picturing this correctly you are trying to jump high without keeping your chest up. Spend some time conditioning your flexibility and keeping your chest up. Hope this helps.
really open up your hips and get your legs stronger.. you will get more height and better hip flexability :)
Don't drop your bum. Just keep thinking to yourself before every jump that you WILL stick this landing.
Also make sure your snapping your legs together hard at the end. It will help with your landing and for when you have to do double toe!