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Dec 12, 2010
I wasn't sure where to post this, but it's pretty random so I guess this goes here.

I have a horrible left ankle and I am constantly tweeking it at practice and such. I've had the same brace for a few years and it is a bit worn down and not as supportive. So I am wondering, for all you fellow weak-ankled-people what kind of brace do you wear? Also, where did you get it? I need something that fits easily into my Nfinity Phoenixs' but still gives a lot of support and protection. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated :)
i have nfinity phoenixs & use a lace up brace i got from the doctors (but i'm sure you can get it online) for my right ankle. it pulls over your foot & ankle & has a lace tie so you can adjust the tightness then it has 2 straps that criss cross from the top under the foot to around the sides & velcros & finally a strap that goes around both of the ends of those straps to make sure everything stays together. it's thin (not too thin just not bulky) & flexible but also supportive. it fits in my shoes fine & i honestly forget i'm wearing it. it doesn't restrict but more protect if that makes sense. i really like mine & it does the job :)
this is it:

ETA: sorry it's huge! :confused: