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are they not allowed to stunt or something? and i wonder what all star program is by them...they all have a very allstar look to them
They were at a comp in ohio which doesnt allow stunting. They do have stunts though. And they cant cheer allstar and school at the same time. A bunch of these girls were on basics superstars.
there was a bunch of going back and forth on the comments about how Brook got second to Wheeling Park. I watched both teams and honestly thought Brook was robbed. I know it said that tumbling wasn't worth as much on the scoresheet as other areas but they were cleaner than Park IMO. interesting to see the difference between allstar and high school
Another thread about Brooke..bahaa. they are goooooood!!!!! props to OH-WV area! :) werk!
Kind of Speechless....WOW
these are videos of us this year at regionals and states ..with stunting :) oh, double downs & a bunch of other things are now illegal to do.
^ this is at regionals.. (November '10) we added 3 more fulls to running tumbling and changed a couple stunts for states.
^ this is at states (December '10) .... this is pretty bad :( but we still got runner ups. since you cant see the tumbling, everything except the cartwheel handspring tucks right at the beginning end in fulls !

also, before the music part we do a cheer and then have I think a 2 minute break in between the cheer & dance
those routines probably look allstar becauses most of the girls cheered for Basics Superstars then, and Brian (the owner/coach of Basics) did the routine!
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