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Jul 26, 2010
Wanna know what's cool? That one hobby can bring so many people together in so many countries just to talk. Talk about everything, from that sport to dinner that night. You can make friends for life, and that is something truly special. I can't imagine my life without so many amazing people, and I'm sure so many others feel the same- to cheerleading; the friendliest sport on the planet
to cheerleading, the sport that has allowed to me to become active in something i love, the sport that has proven to me time management is possible, the sport that is my family, the sport that has allowed to become who am today-and not be the shy little kid afraid of everything, the sport that has shown me responsibility, class, sportsmanship. the sport that has shown me what it means to not be just a team, but family <3
cheer has helped me become outgoing, athletic and i have made so many friends! I am also more responsible and its the most fun activity i have ever done. I have no idea where i would be if i never started:)