All-Star how did you get into all star cheerleading?

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my mom put me in it when i was 7. my team used to practice in a gymnastics gym and i was taking gymnastics there. and my mom thought i would like cheering. little did she know, i didn't just like it, i loved it! and she was stuck in it for the long haul. :)
I wasn't allowed to do rec cheering when I was little, but I always wanted to. My mom made me do dance instead. At age 12 I did all-star dance at my gym and then the very next year started cheering instead. I was hooked from the minute I started.
i was doing soccer at the ymca, and one day i had to pee. i went inside and saw this flyer for cheerleading tryouts and thought hmmm what the heck ill try that. best decision of my life to go to the bathroom that day hahha considering now cheerleading is probably the biggest thing in my life
I really wanted to do cheering when I was younger so my mom signed me up for a pop warner team. I loved doing it, but hated cheering for football games and thought that it was boring. I just wanted to compete. Some girls from my team did a half year team for all stars and I went to their competition and decided I wanted to do it sooo badly. I heard about my gym from another person and my mom let me try out then decide if I wanted to do Pop warner or all stars. And I choose all stars:)
i was 8, and i went to this cheer class at a local highschool, it was no all stars, but i was hooked. because my parents were unsure if i would really like it or not i was stuck in those classes for 2 years. by the time i was 10, there was a girl in my class who did all star cheer for another gym, but they were in a "bad area" of town, so my mom and i did alot of research, and eventually came across my gym <3 and then went there to check it out, and i got to practice with the highest level team, and everyone was so friendly and caring, the next day i went back was also the first day of choreography. :)
I've always cheered since I was little. My mom used to coach so, obviously, I was on the team. I moved around a lot, and so I was out of cheer for two or three years. When I finally settled down here I did some research and found my current gymm!
i tried out for my high school team going into my senior year cuz my sister was on the team and they wanted to have some boys on the team and i could already tumble so they thought it would be good for me to help attract other boys on the team.... so i try out didnt make it for supposedly having an attitude problem. so a few girls that used to cheer before this new high school coach found out about it and wouldnt stop begging me to come try out their all star gym. so i am sort of bitter about school cheer these days. ha
i danced before i got into cheer.

My friend had his own team back then and asked me to join i was hesitant to join because i didnt want to be all happy go lucky on the floor & i thought i had to do "HIGH KICKS & SPIRIT FINGERS" i ended up joining. My Friend/Coach Tought me my motions and my "STAR JUMPS" which i called toe touches & Tought me how to do a halve, extension, and a basket. once i decided no longer to be on his team i learned by watching other coaches & teams.

Few years later i joined the gym that i am currently coaching at and ive been with them for the past 5yrs!

me and my friends talk about how i would never join cheer and how i wasnt into it.. and look at me now hahah i blast cheer music 24/7 and doing routines from other gyms. and being on the boards & i love every second of our SPORT!!! AND SUPPORT WHAT WE DO TO THE FULLEST!
I did gymnastics until I was 10, and then we moved a few miles away, and it was a really far drive to go to gymnastics everyday. My mom could not find another gymnastics gym that was closer, but she found a cheerleading gym called arizona heat (which was pretty much the only cheerleading gym in arizona at the time lol) and asked me if I wanted to try that instead, so I said okay, and did their performance team for a year and really loved it. Then I tried out for the competitive team and didn't make the team (it was because of my attitude because I could tumble), so I did the performance team again, and it kind of sucked that year, and I wasn't really sure I wanted to keep doing it. So I tried out the next year and finally made competition, but then we ended up losing pretty much every competition we competed against someone and I started regretting choosing to move into cheerleading. The next year I tried out again and they put me on a team that was way below my level even though they had higher level teams, and I told him I couldn't make choreography so he moved me to an even lower team and I got really depressed with cheer. I wasn't excelling and my team sucked.. so a girl on my team recommended that I try a team called Az Power Elite because another girl from our gym had just moved there and she really loved it and this was a girl who had been with heat for yearssss. So we called Kelly and she said to come in on Tuesday, so I literally walked into the gym and watched for 5 seconds and my jaw dropped to the floor! They had fulls and they were doubling from every stunt and doing really cool stuff and I fell in love with cheer all over again. Within two months, I had fixed my layout, and gotten a full, and by the end of that season I was working transition to fulls and doubles. i've been in and out of cheer since but I've always loved it purely because of Az Power Elite (now Xtreme) lol :) Happily Ever After! hahah
I was coaching (assistant) a level 3 open team at a gymnastics gym when i was 16... they had a few to quit and my boss asked me if i wanted to do it and i was like... heck no! but as i helped more and more it became fun... ended up finishing the year with them and started to get level 5 skills so i decided to go try out for CEA, Hoping to make a level 4 team.... The next morning after tryouts i found out i made Senior Coed elite! I was sooo excited! Been doing it ever since! LOOOVE IT!
i was walking around the mall and my old gym was doin a lil show off thingyyyy!! so me and my sis got the tryout sheet (at the time my mom wasnt gonna let us) me and my sister went on the website when we got home cuz we were like already in love lol and we looked at everything and begged my mom and dad and they said yess !! now its my 6th year cheering :) and i love it<3
I was 12 and my bestfriend and all her sisters did all star, she got me into it. then watching starlites worlds routine in 07 got me completely obsessed. :)
I remember try outs hahah I could hardly do a backbend kick over, and I wore converse to try outs because I didn't have cheer shoes or anything hahah.
i started with dance. but i alaways wanted to do cheer. so when i was 6 my mom put me in pop warner. than my pop warner coaches also coached half year all star at a very small gym. so the next year i wen there to tumble. than thy asked me if i wanted to cheer on one of the teams and i said yes because i was absulutly in love with the sport. i cheered there for a year than my coaches both got coaching jobs at the gym im at today. so labout 20 cheerleader from the team went with our coaches.iv been there for 5 years. and cheering all together for 7.
I did gymnastics for a year in the 5th grade, then I moved and didn't start back until I was a Sophomore in High School(last year). My friend told me I should start cheering with her, so I went on youtube and looked up a video of allstar cheerleading and saw a video of Top Gun at Worlds 2009... needless to say, I was amazed. So I started cheering October of 2009.