All-Star How Many Paid Bids Were Given Out At Nca Last Year And Who Got Them?

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f5, top gun international, orange i think?, tribe, cali sparkle, and i can't think of the last one
I know 6 paid and only remember F5 and Orange
. I think there was like 18 at large.
That's what I thought. But I couldn't remember who got them.
And the block schedule will be released Feb. 10th. I think.
Yeah, SOT large lim got ours there. I have a shirt somewhere with it on it...
Ok, so I'm assuming this is including the at large bids but heres the names that are on it.
California all stars, Tribe cheer "chiefs", top gun, F5, south elite allstars coed, stingrays small senior, premier tennessee cats - pumas, orlando all stars, storm cheer wrath, spirit of texas, texas lonestar cheer company, louisiana rebel all stars, gage inferno lady dragons, south elite all stars seniors, cheer fusion, cheer legendz, extreme cheer company, CA FierceKatz, Stingray allstars int'l open coed.