How To Get My Jumps Higher (=> Backtuck)?

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May 11, 2010
Hey everyone,

I really want to get that backtuck this year and I've been working on my abs and leg muscle with conditioning. Also being a base, I would say, my muscles are quite well developed.
But I don't come from a tumbling background and I think my jumps are not high enough to start trying a backtuck (how high should I be able to jump?)...
I've been searching youtube up and down but I'd be really happy if you guys could tell my, what drills you found most helpfull in getting your jumps / standing backtucks higher. I don't know if I stand a chance of learning that tuck at the age of 28, but I'm willing to work my but of and try!

Any help is greatly appreciated!
Hi! Hopefully someone can come along with some advice. My daughter is 7 and I have her in private lessons to work on her tuck. But, I wanted to share this website in case you have not seen it yet, it has tips that may help you. Are you currently going to a cheer or gymnastics gym? If you think your jumps are too low, you may want to ask a coach at your current gym for some drills to help you improve since they can watch you and see what you need to work on the most.
WELL I did everything wrong and learned jumps on a trampoline, trying to do toe-touch baskets, with legs in a high v- LOL. When I had learned to hyper-extend on a trampoline, I moved onto the floor, with a crash mat behind me to fall onto. To start with I jumped back onto the mat, working on throwing the legs and squeezing them together. From then I SLOWLY began to land better and better on my feet. Heres a photo of mine now (as you can see, I still feel better if I have the crash mat behind me, but I can land them all on my own now:) <3 Ask if you need anything I did explained, I'm trying to make sense:L! <3

Thank you soo much everyone!!
I've been trying a set of different Drills for the last weeks and I think that it slowly pays off and I'm able to jump higher.
Those kettlebells look awesome, I'll def try to find somenthing I can use for that drill! :)
I am part of a cheerleading squad but we do not focus on tumbling at all. Those who already can tumble, tumble and everyone else doesn't.
I'm going to go to a tricking gym on sunday with a friend and see if I can get spotted there.

Problem ist... as much as I really want this, I'm also scared to death.