High School i need tumbling help!

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Apr 29, 2010
so i have been working on my bhs for about a really long time and for the past month my coach has been telling me that i can do it alone! he says hes not doing anything and that its mine but i cant help but scared! i can do it perfectly when hes right next to me but if he trys to walk away i freak out and i cant bring myself to do it. i rally really really want to get it, so any advice would be amazing :)
Can you figure out what part of the back handspring makes you nervous, is it jumping back on your own or fear of landing on your head or the landing in itself?
I am a powertumblerr/cheerleader, so I tumble :p but yeah if you feel like you can do it with him standing there, keep doing it, and have him gradually back up everytime. I still need my coach to stand beside the floor when I compete tumbling! its totally normal :)
I was the EXACT same way when I was learning my handspring. My coach would stand there and not do anything but when I wuz by myself I would freak out. I always say that you have to go 100x harder on everything just jump harder, push through your shoulders more, lock out and stay tight. Once idid it I wuz like "why did I spend all that time being scared?" if you want it bad enough, then it will over power your fear. You can do it, just stay confident, believe you can do it and go for it.
#1 thing to do is believe in yourself and convince yourself that you can do it without your coach. This can be done by picturing yourself doing it perfectly without your coach when you're not at practice. I still do this when I tumble, and I am a tumbling coach. Warmup really good too. If you aren't warmed up, that does not help AT ALL.

Do you have a cheesemat that you can do your backhandspring on? When I have girls that are scared to do their bhs by themselves, I first have them do it on a cheesemat. I'll spot them at first, then they'll feel comfortable to do it by themself. I gradually tell them to move a few inches down the cheesemat, then throw their bhs. Eventually you're on the end of the cheesemat throwing your bhs by youself! This was how I overcame my fear of my bhs years ago, and it is the most successful technique with all of my tumblers. Literally once you throw it by yourself at the top of the cheesemat, you're set for the bottom. :)
With standing. I'm the exact same way!! I can do it fine with my instructor there but when I try and do it on my own on the tumble track I freak and land weird. I haven't tumbled since September so I'll probably have to get over my fears again :p