All-Star I Think All Coaches Needs To Know This????

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Mar 17, 2010
What motivates you to give 100% at practice/Not just on the Floor at competition?

(meaning pushing yourself to a point that you didn't think you could make it to)

Coaches if you have found a way to motivate those few kids in your gym that are so talented but give 80%, please tell me b/c I gotta know! LOL
I think all coaches need to know this, sorry about my grammar in the title! LOL
Sometimes it is not just about motivating, but getting rid of those who refuse to buy into what you are doing.
You guys are right! I have done this for 15 years but it seems to get harder the older I get to just let a kid go b/c I want to see them succeed in life. My ways usually work to get the kids back on track but I was just wondering what tools others use so if I haven't tried those yet I could!
I just pray that these kids will listen and not stray away from the world and become something no parent or coach wants their kid to turn into!
It's just those couple of kids, you know! I even try to get the other 99% of my kids to talk, help and motivate these kids but... no solving the problem yet! I will say they aren't trouble makers they just need motivation!

I am new to coaching with this being my second year I have already learned a lot! I was coached by some of the greatest coaches and they have developed the way I coach. With that being said, last year was easier, I coached a youth level 3 team and they were mostly all older youth aged girls, now we had to move them up to junior level with only 4 older girls out of 17! This has really tested some of their strengths and weaknesses. Ive learned you cant make a kid do something they just wont do but you can develop a relationship with each of your kids and adjust (fairly) how you coach one kid from the next. I dont mean give some privileges over another but for example I have one flyer who is a veteran and if she messes up she gets down on herself and you cant yell at her or it just brings her down more and she does worst, then there is another flyer and it is only her 2nd year flying and she is the youngest on the team but if she messes up if you dont yell at her and make her mad she wont think about doing it better. I think it gets a little easier when they get older because they develop a better self esteem and understand a coach doesnt yell at you because they hate you but because they know your potential. Also as a female coach coaching with a male the girls expected me to be the softer one and him to be the harder one and we kind of have to play off each other, if he is mad Im not and if I am he isnt. This gives the girls some hope that they can do better. They know if we are both mad they arent doing what they are suppose to and usually they get into work mode. I guess it just depends on the group you have.