I Want To Make A Level 5- What Pass Should I Go For?

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I want to make a level 5 team- What pass should I focus more on?

  • Arabian through to layout

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Mar 24, 2011
I'm just curious, Any coaches opinions would be greatly appreciated, but other cheerleaders are great too :) I have a two jump to tuck- I drop my chest trying to do 3. I have a whip through to layout, and I had my full, but... broke my thumb. My tumbling has been rocky since then. Thanks :)
You should really work on strengthening yourself as an overall cheerleader. Three jumps to tuck is usually a must on a level 5 team, but you should be able to get that pretty easily if you can do two. I would work on getting a full more than a specialty through to layout, because most level 5 teams won't put a layout in the routine. However, everything is different depending on the gym.
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