Indy 2012 !

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Dec 30, 2009
So this is my first year going to Indy, and im super excited! Ive been trying to go for the past 2 years, but ive been away at school! Anyone else going for the first time?? I feel like i need a guide to Indy or something lol .. =)
I've been, and its a really nice competition! The venue is connected via a skywalk to a mall which is very convienient for shopping and food between teams you want to watch or after the competition. There are many nice reastaurants around and the competition is nice because its free to get in! I don't know how the Majors will change everything but I'm sure Indy will be another great experience:) Have fun!
Indy's a great city. You have to check out circle center... every cheerleader does! Seeing monument circle is also on the list, but in the middle of December around 8pm it is way cooler. White river state park is also really nice, especially with the weather Indy's been having!