All-Star Injuries

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Feb 1, 2011
how many athletes in your gym got injured as of the moment and serious are they?
what exactly do you mean? how many are injured at the moment? your sentence doesnt entirely make sense.
I think he means at the moment...and hmm I believe 3 or 4 including myself...but I'm not sure exactly their injuries and how serious other than mine. Sprained my ankle in october and still hasn't healed..have to go see an orthopedic surgeon soon to see if I need surgery on my ankle or not since it still isn't healed
right now, 5 on small senior. 1 out for worlds with an ankle injury(no one actually knows but the girl and her parents have been flaky about it), 1 with broken knuckles, 2 with bad knees, and myself healing from an ankle broken in 2 places. everyone but the first girl will be back for worlds! and that is just right now. i'd rather not count the whole season
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