All-Star International All Girl 5 Teams 2010-2011

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WHOA tiger

Cheer Parent
Dec 14, 2009
I have heard that many gyms are joining this division this year, also have heard a lot of rumors of gyms hopping on the IAG train! Can we make a list of all gyms that have confirmed they will be in this division? Really excited about all of the competition this year!

Didn't you hear? International All Girl is the new Small Senior!
AZ Power Xtreme
California Allstars - Senior Sparkle
Cheer Athletics - Fiercekatz
Cheer Extreme (after Cheersport)
East Celebrity Elite - Fame
Full House
Georgia Allstars - CoCo's
GymTyme - Pink
Pacific Coast Magic
Rockstar Cheer - The Killers
Cheer Athletics Fiercekatz will be in the IAG5 division in 2010-11
This just in!!! FAME has just announced (this morning) that their Midlothian gym will be having an Open International All Girl!!!! excited to see this team! can't wait for tryouts and results to be posted! Good Luck everyone trying out! And can't wait for Lucky Season 7!!!
Cheer Extreme Allstars will have International AllGirl tryouts after Cheersport Nationals in February. (All senior athletes from all 6 gyms can tryout)
I believe (don't shoot me if i'm wrong) that ACX of Myrtle Beach is trying to have one. The coach at Coastal is trying to get us affiliated with ACX, and I have heard that most of our team will be competing under ACX in this division.
Ok so so far we have :

Rockstar Cheer-The Killers
Cheer Extreme (after Cheersport)
Cheer Athletics Fiercekatz
California All Stars
Fierce All Stars
AZ Power Xtreme
Top Gun
ACX Myrtle Beach
Full House Allstars-Jokers
Apparently our team name is Az Power Xtreme- Elite.

Wish it was something more creative, but whatever lol
I have no doubt in my mind Great Whites will be IOAG again , pretty sure almost all of those girls are trying out again ?
This is a fun division, I like to see the older polished fliers that top for these teams!!! Excited to see Top Gun back with an all girl team! Does this make them Lady Jags?