All-Star International Open Coed 5 Teams 2010-2011

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Apr 19, 2010
I have read a lot of posts about how huge the all girl divisions are this year, so I am curious about the coed side of it. With the number of people that have aged out this year, a lot of gyms are doing all girl and coed open teams. So if you know of a team (confirmed if possible) who will be in this division, please post it.
twisters is trying to have black ice again for the upcoming season, but i can't confirm the team until after tryouts on sunday. however i gather from the interest i've been getting through word of mouth and e-mail, we'll definitely be having one.
ok so far we have:

ATL Allstars
State Allstars
Twisters Black Ice (?)
Ultimate Canadian Cheer Jags
CIA Power
Cheer Athletics Wildcats
GymTyme Black
East Celebrity Elite
ICE Cyclones
PCT Cobras
PrimeTyme Phoenix
Matrix Armageddon
Step 1 (?)
World Cup

I am of course looking forward to Topgun, World Cup, & CEA, but i am REALLY looking forward to GymTyme cuz of a certain boy...but this division seems to be pretty stacked already. hopefully there will b some other good ones as well :]

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