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Jan 10, 2011
At the risk of sounding stupid, will somebody please explain how and why international teams came to be. I thought they were college age kids, but apparently they are 18 and under. How does this differ from level 5?:oops: Thanks
International level 5 teams are 14 years and older, and International level 6 teams are 17 years and older. I'm pretty sure they're different from level 5 because tumbling isn't worth as much on the Worlds scoresheet. It's only worth 10% of your score, building skills (stunts, pyramids, etc.) are worth 65%, and choreography is worth 25%. Whereas on regular level 5 Worlds scoresheets (Small & Large All Girl, Unlimited, Semi-Limited, Large & Small Limited Coed) tumbling is worth 35% of your score, building skills are worth 45%, and choreography is worth 20%.
Also, in the International divisions at Worlds (Coed & All Girl 5, Coed & All Girl 6) they take the top 3 teams from each country in the division to finals. In the other divisions they just take the top whatever number. It doesn't matter which country the teams are from.

And in the regular divisions, the age range is 12-18. (forgot to mention that)
Just go to for more info.

(Anyone correct me if any of my info is wrong :$)
International is different from Senior level 5 because of the age range. It is basically an Open team as you know it from 4+ years ago. But now it says international in front of it. The # of males and females was decided on to help true international teams.