All-Star Issue With Judging And Training (errr Lack Thereof)

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Dec 15, 2009
Earlier this month we had a comp that made me realize more than ever we need a standard scoresheet in each level. We talked to judges about the very low gap between us and teams below us that had less difficulty and more mistakes. What quickly became aware was that the issue wasn't consistency because they were consistent in scoring, but it was that they weren't properly using the scoresheet. I'm not going to name the comp company but it will become obvious more than likely.
Some samples of q/a session we had.
Low stunt difficulty score: we didn't half up. Level 2. However on this score sheet mounts and transitions are scored seperately and we scored better in that area. They score stunts by body positions, number and difficulty, and each position held for two counts gets added to score, we had lib, scorp, fake chin prepping for scale, scale, hip dislocation to bow and arrow(any1 should score perfect for that, it's gross) and free stretch. All with very high execution.
Low standing tumbling difficulty score: we had one girl not throw bhs. And didn't immediately connect bwo bhs. We also did toe touch pause bhs. Okay they got us on bwo backgandspring however on this grid there is a numbers chart, and the highest skill that is half plus one is scored for difficulty. And 19/20 is enough to max quantity score.
Legality issue for level 3 pyramid inversion: dont want to go into detail but I am a certified safety judge and got the idea from something les specifically said is legal, so I can suffice to say it's legal. They warned us day one, we proved our case said we were right. Other coaches challenged our legality, and all the safety judge could say to them was I don't know why it's legal but I know it's legal because my level 3 team does it, so they asked us to reexplain it day two.

Weird scores level 1, our tinys with half plus one standing bwo scored 4.9 in standing tumbling. Our junior one with well over majority(not that that matters on the scoresheet) standing two plus two doing back extension roll bwo bwo switchleg scored 4.9. The same score. They didn't give am answer to that one.

These just the issues we discussed with the judge and event producer. What the most troubling thing that came to light was that we knew the score sheet better than judges (I don't feel as bad about the safety issues because I feel that I know the safety riles better than 90 of the judges we've had, and none seem to know it better). This is ridiculous, maybe the scoresheet for this company is too complicated, maybe not EVERY judge receives the training this company says they do, and if so they need to test better. If we have a universal scoresheet I would still think I know it better than judges, but at least then they could back their scores up and I might not always be right (that kinda hurt to write) I believe that a universal scoresheet could be less complicated, easier to train on, and a system like usasf regionals that is already in place could educate us and the judges. I should never walk away from a judge thinking that without any training other than a short presentation at a regional meeting that I know how to use their scoresheet better than them.