All-Star Japan All Girl @ The World Championship In Hong Kong

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Dec 14, 2009

They are just phenomenal stunters.
(The 1-1-1 stunt where they throw the girl up she does a toe touch and lands on top of another flyer is just so innovative)

I know for a fact, we'll be seeing this more and more this year. Particularly, in a level 5 version.
Done are they days of our old load-ins - it's time to innovate to stand out.

Great Job Japan!
(The 1-1-1 stunt where they throw the girl up she does a toe touch and lands on top of another flyer is just so innovative)
we saw this in a video a few weeks or months ago also. I have a feeling this is big in asia.
I so impressed with their pyramid building skills, every level 6 stunter knows how hard catching some stuff as a middle layer can be but this is just crazy amazing, these tiny girl catching double fullup mounts without moving at all...i'm beyond impressed with this team!!! And they have definitly stepped up their Stunt Sequences aswell, saw them 2 years ago in Bremen and these stunts are a huge improvement
They've actually been doing the toe touch to catch thing for awhile now in Asia. The earliest I could find of them on youtube is the '09 routine doing it at 2:07, but I think some of the asian coed teams have been throwing those for several more years.
They are great stunters, but some of the things they do such as that toss don't fit u.s. safety standards, hence it not being seen around America or other countries that follow similar safety standards...
This is them on day 1 this year... Its a closer view for the video but there is a terrifying fall around 1:22.
Well, the toe-touch catch thing is going to be making it's debut in US All Star cheerleading this season... 2 days I think.
if they stepped up their tumbling skills, I wouldnt expect world champs to be out of reach...Im sorry but the kick the crap outta any level 6 american ladies step your game up...
Uhhhhh wow!!! I had to watch this like 10 times!!!

I love the way the girl pushes the spotter out of the way.. (haha I noticed that too)!!
wow crazy...can't even imagine a coach teaching that to a team..scary! i wonder how many bad falls it took to hit pyramids like that...
Truth be told its all amazing to watch but it makes me nervous.. Those stunts are extremely risky but they look so flawless when they do them. I get scared because japan had their first cheerleading related death not to long ago and it is due to the fact that they take much higher risks in their stunting.. I think about how ppl were commenting on the Michigan injury giving a bad rep.

I hope for a world standard for rules and regulation to eliminate further injuries especially in other country trying to compete with the US..
The whole routine feels like its on hyper speed! Its so fast and flawless. They make it look easy.... And we all know it's not!!
This routine is AMAZING! I can't believe those tiny girls are such beastly bases!