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May 14, 2013
Steger, IL
Coach / Athlete
Well I'm currently majoring in Public Relations and General Music, focusing on composition.
I plan to become a college cheerleading recruiter and eventually coach. From coach college ill also coach all-star. Sweet thing is that hopefully I can find a school that has my program that I'm goin to graduate school for and work or them and get my tuition waived. My cheer network will be extensive!!!! Hopefully anyway :)
If you would like to make lots of money, I would say go into medical school. (This may seem weird since I'm 12) I personally want to go to oxford in England and get my M.D. In obstetrics. I would make anywhere from 217,000 to 417,000 a year (but I would probably be paying off college loans! :D). Even nurses make a good amount of money. But if you want to work at a cheer gym, that great too.

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Not open for further replies.