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Mar 31, 2010
So, with March Madness coming up I know that everyone and their mother has about 10 different polls going on! And I thought, why not add one more!? So I set up one up for the fierceboard! It will be free, and you will win nothing more than the glory of saying you are the ultimate fierceboard basketball fan. It's all automatic, so everyone will have a fair chance!

I set up a group for anyone that wants to join: http://soundofdrama.mayhem.cbssports.com/e

-Make an account using the "Register Now" link (it is free and there is no spam)
- Put in all your information
- Put in the "poll password" which I set up as fierceboard
- Wait until Sunday March 13 and put in your picks
- It's that easy!

Anyone can join! You can make a max of 2 different polls under one username. I want as many people as possible! Invite your CP's, fellow cheer friends, crazy cheer moms and Coaches! Leave who you think is gonna win it all below!
Love it! Filling my bracket out right now! I always make my choices based on a school's cheerleaders or gyms from that area and last year I won my family's pool with that method hahaha I'm really struggling with the louisville vs morehead choice since they're both such great cheer schools, but I think I'll give it to UofL since they're more fierce!!
I know! Join people! Joinnnnnnn! You have until the 18th at Midnight to finalize/submit your bracket. and Go Duke!