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Dec 17, 2009
Can someone tell me why World Cup decided to go to Canaam instead of Battle at the Beach? I think it was common knowledge that their level 5 teams would have competition at Battle. And with these 2 competitions within a week of each other, I am not understanding??????? I personally would love to see Twinks, Rays, and Youth Elite go up against each other.

Please don't post any hate comments, again, I was just asking?????
Canam has a full paid bid up for grabs? (though they did get theirs at NCA), but maybe that was a thought?
world cup's lower level teams have gone to Cannam for years..... Maybe Cannam has a lot more to offer and parents that have multiple children in the program are not going to MB 2 weekends back to back JMO.....
It's been on the schedule since last August
CEA goes to Battle and Cheersport every year, to my knowledge so has World Cup......Youth Elite has not always gone to NCA.
I was not aware that WC's lower level teams went to Canaam in previous years and level 5's went to Battle. Maybe that is the reason. And I am not disputing when it was on the schedule.
WC's lower levels have not always gone to CanAm, they have taken the program (or most of it) to the Spirit Sports competition in Myrtle Beach for several years. I am guessing they put that on their schedule because they offer a bid and they have 3 level 5 teams that are bid eligible. This is just a guess though.
I don't think WC went to Battle at the Beach last year either. They chose different venues this year to space out competition schedule.
I don't know how many teams they took to MB last year but I know Twinkles were there.

I think the reason extrememom is asking is because we're bummed they won't be there. That's all. I can't speak for her but if I know her that's why she'd even ask.
I don't think WC went to Battle at the Beach last year either. They chose different venues this year to space out competition schedule.

WC was there, stars were not. I'm assuming this comp was chosen because it offered a bid. and since they did not go to CHEERSPORT this year, it makes a lot of sense to add an additional bid comp in a locale where they already frequent... they have 3 worlds teams, one of them being an entirely new team... so adding a 4th bid option is best. not rocket science, twinkles are not running away from youth elite... just purely good business and smart planning.
Nobody says twinkles are running away from anyone. We've all competed head to head for years. It's what good competition is about. We just wish they were going there. They're not we'll have to get over it. People wish Youth Elite had gone to Dallas. Financially that wasn't an option for that team this year. People have to get over that too.

Putting their older teams in the best possible place/time to recieve the bids they need to continue their season as well as spacing out the travel schedule all make perfect sense to me.

But please allow us to be a little disappointed that we won't get to compete against the Mighty Twinkles.
It was another bid competition And it was becuz we have 3 worlds teams that needed to get bids. Suns have shocked everyone this season for a first year team and who knew they wld be the ones to get full paid first! i think they just wanted that extra bid comp, just in case
You could ask the same why youth elite chose to go to cheersport and not NCA...
It's all up to the directors lol

Should have answered this earlier I'm sorry! Cheersport is 5 to 6 hours from us. Dallas is 17 hours driving. It's a less expensive trip and the majority of our program is at Cheersport. For us, choosing Cheersport made more sense from a program as well as $$$$ standpoint. We wish we could have made both of those happen but this season it just wasn't in the cards. I did enjoy watching the Youth 5 division in Dallas though and the teams delivered great routines both days. We would have been honored for our Youth team to have been able to experience that. Maybe next year........
Please do not take this forum, out of context!!! Yes, I would love to see WC Twinkles, and never once did I say or even reference that they were running from us!!! I have several friends on Twinkles and Starlites that we would enjoy seeing.
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