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Dec 16, 2009
Are there any coaches or owners of gyms whose kids cheer for them like courtney smith pope and her two daughters. i was curious if anyone knows anything about top guns owners kids i heard shes like 6 with doubles
If you grow up in the gym it's a given that you will probably be more advanced then other kids your age. Laney Madsen is the product of two elite cheerleaders and look at her! These kids are the future of all star people who had all star available to them as kids begin to have kids of their own your going to see those elite little 6/7 year olds.
I would post videos but Laney is all over the board you just have to search her name...
Randy Dickey's daughter is on ACX mini 3. She's 6 and has a running layout and almost a standing tuck. Randy and Courtney are very good friends, and so are their daughters. Randy's daughter even competed on CEA Mini Elite for a competition just for fun.
victor (owner of top gun) has 2 daughters demi and jodi and they are both extremely talanted at such a young age. both have at least fulls and higher
Kc Cheer's gym owners have two kids that cheer. They both have double and the oldest has a standing full and specialty to double. They are on Kc Cheer's jr and sr level 5 teams!:)
I used to have my own program, and then coached for a few years after that, and I have always (and still) judged. I have two girls. They are both level 5 (throw at least a double, jumps to back, standing to twisting skills, etc.) I think more influential than ME being involved in the industry (or passing down some miracle gene) was that they were just gym rats from the time they were very little. So they were always on trampolines, bars, beams, running around and learning "skills" almost accidentally. So I'd like to take all the credit for my girls talents...but I think they were just always around it and the gym was always accessible to them!
I had to be back in the gym 3 weeks after giving birth. My kid has been exposed to cheer/gymnastics since 3 weeks old. Has ZERO interest in either sport and bargains with me to not be dragged to cheer comps on weekends. He offered to shovel out his grandparents driveway this past weekend to not go to cheer. He's 10.
Not open for further replies.