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Apr 21, 2010
I am just a mother but recent events have driven me to ask for help. Can we, the cheerleading community, step to the plate with aid to Japan? Who among us can point us to the people that can market a bracelet (lance Armstrong type)...maybe with the words.."we cheer for Japan" or something like that...with all proceeds going to relief efforts. Sell at comps and maybe Worlds? What do you think?
I think that's a great Idea!! These people suffer so much words simply cannot explain what they must be going through :( I would totally support your idea!!
i think its a great idea and the bracelets are usually a great seller i wish i knew how to even get started unfortunately i do not but i do think that if anyone is able to get this going the bracelets should be sold at as many remaining competitions as possible i know there are probably a ton of smaller comps not so many big ones reach the beach is coming up very quickly and that is usually a pretty big nationals but i dont know if there is enough time to get something together for that comp. please keep us posted to make sure we can look for them being sold at the venues
This is such a good idea!! I know that for my high school team, we're trying to get some other schools' high school teams to work with us and have a carwash day with carwashes all over pgh. All the procceeds would go towards Japan relief efforts. It'd be really cool if some other states joined us!

As far as allstar...OMG can we please something about Japan on this year's fierceboard teeshirts!? The flag or the words "Joining together for Japan" or the support ribbon. Idk something, we're creative. And have them cost like $5 more than usual and that money would go towards Japan!!
awesome idea!

two amazing girls at my school had the same idea (minus the cheer part). they've sold close to 500 i believe, sold at $2 apiece, as well as other student clubs have been collecting money all to send to red cross in effort to help japan!
i really love this idea! it was amazing to see the cheerleading world come together to support midwest elite and i think this would catch on the same if not more than that did.
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