All-Star level 3 :)

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Dec 14, 2009
who's killing it in level 3? i want to start a thread solely based on level 3 (all level 3s senior junior mini coed all girl etc.)

this is my team

we've had some tough times throughout the year so far people always getting hurt but we manage to pull through :)
Indiana Ultimate's Level 3 teams are doing VERY well this year. We have youth, Jr, and Sr level 3s and they all won their divisions this weekend at CSG. Our Jr large 3 team also got GRAND CHAMPS at CSG this weekend. They were AMAZING!!
Indiana Ultimate jsut recieved LEVEL 3 grand champs @ CSG over the weekend !!! beating out another jr 5 team that dropped into the jr 3 division!

so proud of them!!! they killlled it!
Stingrays Youth 3 (Black) is one of my favorite teams this year period lol. They're AWESOME!

USA Wildcats Senior 3 is also amazing as usual.
Sparks in Stoughton, MA has a great coed level 3 team. They actually won grand champs at Athletic Nationals in Providence. Lots of talent on that team!

Xtremelyfierce, enjoyed watching the video they look great!
I want to give a shout out to Champion Cheer. They have always had a strong level 3 program and this year is no exception. Both the Large Jr and Large Sr won ACA titles and the Jr team was Grand champs of level 3. The large senior team won a paid bid to all levels at Spirit Celebration and also high point. Last year they won both large jr and large sr divisions at NCA and the youth team came in a close second. Great group of girls....go Burn and Lightning!
UA King and Queens (started the year as all girl and is now Co-Ed Jr 3) are having a great year.
They have placed first in all competitions besides yesterdays CSG comp. where they looked great and placed 2nd.
They have been grand champs and have even had the highest score of the day over all levels at one competition. Way to go King and Queens.
I'm obsessed with WC Super Sonics Jr. Coed 3.

I also like Sparks Jr. Coed 3 and SJS Mini 3 too.