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Nov 24, 2010
Hello Fierceboard...
My Name is Mia! I´m cheering since 8 years Allstar now...and since almost 5 years i coach!
A couple Months ago, the Youth Projekt Skies Unlimited (U.S. Forces in Europa) asked me to start to coach an All-Star Program in Baumholder Germany.
Kids from Soldier, Army, Air Force Families will join our Program.
Therefore I´m looking for a sister gym in the States...

We are looking for a popular program, so if you are interested please write me!

And I´m so sorry for my bad english...
Thanks Mariahnicole!
Yeah, I love the idea too, especially there are already girls cheering before in the states...and they miss it so much!
It would be so awesome for them to have a popular sister gym, where maybe we can travel to and do camps and and and... so they wouldn´t loose the connection to their home ;)

I really hope we will find a sister gym pretty soon...

sooo excited...
LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! Many of our cheer friends are military kids and its great to hear some could carry on with it when stationed overseas. One of my daughters best friends will be moving to Guam next year and is sad that this will be her last year in all stars until they return. They are even having trouble finding a place to tumble there :(
I think it would be best to contact gyms. Not all gym owners read the site, so if you want answers you may need to ask directly to get them.
try looking up some air force bases in the us and the search up gyms that are near that base im sure youll find some gyms that have a lot of military kids!
Is there any way somebody could give me some contacts of some popular gym owners?
Is there any way somebody could give me some contacts of some popular gym owners?

try the usasf website, they have a list of all the sanctioned gyms and most gyms on their website have an email or phone number you can call.
also does it have to be a big gym? i know a lot of big gym owners probably would want to be within driving distance of their sister gym.
I think it would be awesome... i know stingrays have a sister gym far away