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Dec 7, 2010
In the process of starting a new program as was looking to see if any owners would be willing to share info about the business side of all stars. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. We are really hoping to set up a successful program. Thank you.
I would contact some gym owners in states that are not close to you and ask for their professional advice. If I was a gym owner, I am not sure I would put down advice or reveal concepts in public.
Ask away! Helping others succeed strengthens our industry and credibility...I'm on board to help!!
Look at your market- what is the average family income for families in your area. What type of school programs are around? Are these programs competitive. What other all star programs are around? What are you going to do to make your gym different in comparison to other gyms? Space- make sure you can pay 3 months rent at all times. Can you staff a gym? This is a HUGE issue for most gym owners. Staffing is crucial.

Develop your brand, find your market and sell your product. Understand what your competition is doing right and wrong. Learn from others- listen and watch.
Find where the lack in the local market is and develop it.

Do any other gyms offer choreography, camps, and classes for local rec, middle, and high school cheerleaders? That's a huge income for us. How about open tumble classes a few nights a week to the public, no commitment. Another great way to bring in potential cheerleaders.

Do other gyms offer a half year/fall team at a lesser cost for kids coming out of rec or school?

Do other gyms offer cheerleading/gymnastics birthday parties. How about day camps for a week in the summer?
Look in unexpected places for buisness
Be the best you can be with what you've got. I don't care if you've got one junior 1 team of 10 girls, they will be the fiercest, most talented J1 you could possibly have. People go where talent/fun is. And that's coming from a patron, not a gym owner..
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Not open for further replies.