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they are out of northern utah and only compete bigger comps in las vegas for a bid (jamz) and UCA in orlando! they are a talented small program and I hope they do well at worlds this year and get themselves more on the radar cuz they do have tons of talent!
They are in Salt Lake City. I'm going there on business tomorrow and visiting Mack at the gym tomorrow night! Can't wait to see them.
I am so glad to hear that you are liking them! This is the gym that we're almost (and I mean 75%) decided on sending my son to. Hibbers, they were 18th in Sm Sr AG last year at worlds.
LOVE macs, they were great last year! theyre one of those teams who hide all season and BAM come out of nowhere.
Got to visit last week and see their open team. The are very good; very clean. Good luck to them in Las Vegas!
Do they have a Large Senior 5 and a Small Senior 5? Theres a video of them with a Large Senior 5 throwing doubles but on the schedule as Senior Open 5?
I'm a longtime Macs fan, and I'm very glad they're finally getting some attention. They are an extremely talented gym, as you can see from the video, and I haven't met one person from the gym that I haven't liked. Gyms like Macs are one of the main reasons I love cheerleading. They are in Utah, and most people probably would not think much of them because of where they come from, but then they walk out on the floor throwing the same skills as some of the big name gyms! I always love a team that can surprise me and put a smile on my face :)