All-Star Maryland marlins tsunami!!!

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Dec 14, 2009
Had an opportunity to see these young ladies perform today at Spirit Unlimited and I want to say that these girls put on a great show!!! Large Senior 5 is going to be crazy!!!!
They were AWESOME! It was sooo good to see them hit pretty well this early. Pyramid is great and dance is my favorite I've seen this year thus far.
Ahhhhh I've been waiting to see them! If anyone finds a video, please post the link! Best of luck to Tsu this year!!
The past 2 years they have been a joy to watch and grow. They have come a long way in a short time. Well done.
Oh, and a bigggg shoutout to Vortex too. They've improved tremendously just since last season. Good day for Marlins! :)
They looked amazing!!! and they are a GREAT group of athletes!! VERY happy for them!!!
All the Marlins teams looked great today!
Tsunami looked the best I've ever seen them before this early in the season! You girls deserve a big fat CONGRATS. Just keep swimming....!!!!!!
I love the music too! I only have the DVD and have no clue how to put in on the computer! Sorry. There were more than a few taping it, maybe they'll put it up.
ughhh. What about people that are not on tsunami? :)
Any fans out there that is not affiliated with Maryland Marlins, but want to help out other fans? Put it up on YouTube please!!! :)

Chances are the video will be removed...probably best to respect the wishes of the coaches and wait a bit to see it :)

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