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As tryouts approach only a month away and most teams knowing who they are losing, its looks as if people have decided on what division they want to enter.

I was talking to an unnamed person last night and due to the loss of so many seniors after this season, it looks as if Stars are aiming for the medium all girl division going to tryouts.

I've also heard from a pretty reliable person that another big name in large will be switching over to medium as well.

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is this reliable person's first name april?
How are you gonna ruin my entertainment 11 minutes after it started... this needs to last all day. Its a rainy friday = don't wanna work
I am hoping/thinking the other team is F5.....I would be very happy to hear this and have it all actually happen!
it was ruined by the potential fooling. if it was something ms. pascale THAT would have been good.
Then you'd have people from world cup running down to baltimore and asking her about it.
In other April Uno news:

- Orange is going medium! Though to fill this team they took the extra girls off Smoke and they will now be Small Small.

- Maddie got severely injured while X-ing someone out. It is questionable if she will be able to go to Worlds.

- Whitney Love will be a last minute addition Brandon's small small. She said she preferred Florida sun over the KY winters.

- I am shutting down the Fierce Board. I just can't take that no one finds me funny but myself.

(anyone else got some good ones?)
Not open for further replies.