Mental Block

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Oct 2, 2011
i have my roundoff bhs tuck since last year but every time i go to tumbling i need my spotter there or i wont do it and usually even if he is there i just won't do it. i've had it for so long and i dont know why i wont do it, im not scared theres just something holding me back in my head and i dont know what to do this has been on going for a while now.. i NEED it for my routine.
This was me last week lol. I just couldn't do it without anyone standing there! But I got over it, finally. Okay, so just do it like normal, with your coach spotting or whatever and then have them start to spot less and less (but don't rush into in, make sure your comfortable enough to go on) and then eventually they won't be spotting you at all, just standing there so then do that a couple of times. Then slowly have them take a step (or even a half step away) and then you will be doing it without them there at all. It totally worked for me. Everytime they spot less or walk farther away and you do it it just give you confidence to do it again. Good luck!!
this is totally me. i used to have roundoff tuck but then at a competition last year i landed really weird and it freaked me out so i havent been able to throw anything past backhandsprings since then & its really holding me back! i wanna grow this season and get better tumbling but this is really getting in the way!
i think the best thing to do is just to do it, there were a few girls in my gym last week with the same mental block. once they do it they realize that nothings gonna happen and theyre back and stronger than ever
i just think about it in my head and tell myself that i can do just have to think positive...dont stress! because it could get worse and you will get more afraid. you should try having them spotting really light and then when you are comfortable, they can just stand there